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Dirty Puma is an espresso drink you may get from a barista to whom you have been rude, or whom you have otherwise mistreated. Barista shoes are often stained with the color and flavor of many spilled shots. Because of this, the slighted coffee-maker may justify the otherwise immoral action of pouring the rude-lingers shot through the said "Dirty Puma" tenny-runner, by concentrating on the unique essence and custom java drinking experience bestowed upon this deserving party.
Be nice to your barista! Also applies to Dirty Doc Martens, and Bromhidrosis Birkenstocks.
Patron: So... do you think you make me triple layered soy half-caff carmel macchiato with non-dairy whip?
Or is that too much for ya, big guy?

Barista: I can do that... but you should really try our trademark triple-shot "Dirty Puma" with sprinkles... on the house!
by flashsync007 March 12, 2011
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