When the female has pigtails use them as a motorcycle whilst in her arsehole
Dude I was in Ireland the other day and gave this girl a right dirty sallie
by Dirty sally March 27, 2015
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After having a disagreement with your significant other, it is the act of inserting a finger into an unwashed, sweaty vagina and swiping it across their upper lip.
After a long night of dancing in leather pants, Jane came home to find that Dick had not taken out the trash, so she woke with a dirty sally.
by Bobin Williams April 06, 2008
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the act of shitting all over your cat while fingering a goat that was eating out your mom
guy 1: yo, dude, last night I did a dirty Sally on my kitten 🐱✌

guy 2: NOICEE
by ifuckgoatsforbreakfeast September 11, 2021
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