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You just analed a chick, and then she finishes the job using her mouth, unbeknownst to the fact that there's poop residue allover the dick.
Girl: I'll finish the job using my mouth

Boy: Okay! ;) *snickers*
Girl: Somethin' taste like SHIT!
Boy: You just received a Dirty Snake ;)
by Danny Duck January 01, 2012
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shove you dick in your girlfriends ass move your dick so it is an inch of her asshole showing then she shits all over everything
by ZMr.cock weasle September 03, 2010
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A member of a club that lives in west SB. A Dirty Snake lives in the projects of west SB. They fight with other club members of the Stew Cat's.
"Those Dirty Snakes own The Double P. don't they Johnny?"
" They sure do"
by anonymousDS August 24, 2005
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