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When a group of males ejaculate onto the feet of one participant. This is followed by all the males shaving their pubic hair onto the feet of the participant. The dry semen acts as a glue which keeps the hair on. Called a Dirty Frodo because in the unedited version of Lord of the Rings, Frodo receives one from all members of the fellowship.
Pervert 1: "Dude, you see that Sally chick? She passed out at a party and everyone else gave her a dirty frodo."

Pervert 2:"Radical dude!"

Regular dude: "You guys are fuckin wierd"
by Tristan the Man April 08, 2007
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When someone shits or pisses into another persons shoe. The person then puts the shoe on and gets crap or urine squished between all of thier toes and on their foot.
"Hey Jim has nasty ass feet"

"No he just got Dirty Frodo'd last night at Tom's house"
by C-Unit from da club November 20, 2007
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