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Sure hope my dirtbed is pretty good when I go to take my dirtnap! I want to be comfortable even when I'm dead.
I'm squmping so much, I just want to go lay down in my dirtbed.
by Blumpette December 14, 2018
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A separate bed reserved for doing dirt in, as opposed to your regular bed, which is for nite nite.
Ryan Higgins ate some fries on his dirt bed. He put the ketchup straight on the sheets.
by vwallac January 20, 2014
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1. Dirty sheets typical of dudes, hallmarked by debris such as small rocks, kitty litter, mud, and actual dirt found in between the bottom and top sheets of his bed or resting place (can include couches and/or futons), often dragged in from walking barefoot on dirty floors.

See also: Bed Dirt – Detritus found in the dirty sheets of dudes.
"I totally fingerblasted that girl in my dirt bed"
by Bottoms_Up December 23, 2009
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