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A hick.

Mullet wearing, rebel flag waving, pickup truck driving, no teeth having, bad hygiene practicing, trailer park living dirtass.
Trailer parks are filled with Dirtasses.
by Kevin C. November 14, 2003
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D.A. for short. Dirt Ass is another term for white trash or redneck. The terms "white trash" and "redneck" have become too romanticized and accepted over the last decade and as a result white trash have gained a false sense of pride in their terrible choice of lifestyle. Dirt Ass is also a great term because white trash are not that familiar with it. Another fact about Dirt Asses is that they either hate black people or they pretend like they are black, there is no in between.
-Habitat: Typically, but not exclusively, low income areas. Trailer parks, crappy apartments, rural ares, etc.
-Physical appearance: "Dirt stache", "mullets", "rat tails", shaved heads, ratty long hair, greasy, bad tattoos, leg tattoos, sores from drug use, etc.....
-Common Dirt Ass clothing: Jean shorts, hunting camoflage (year round), Dale earnhardt t-shirts and faux leather jackets, novelty t-shirts, air brushed t-shirts, wife beaters, generic jerseys, really wide skateboard shoes with wide laces, anything from walmart, any type of "wigger" or "guido" clothing, and much more....
-Common Dirt Ass behavior: Drug use, littering, smoking, drinking (cheap beer and alcohol), swearing with no regard for anyone around them, road rage for no reason, fathering illegitimate children, opening their legs for anything that lives and breathes, starting fights for no reason, kicking people when they on the ground and much more.
-Dirt Ass lifestyle: They totally disregard everything and everybody. They are terrible parents. Their failings in life become the source of their anger. Their anger is then directed toward everybody who isn't them. They always think they are right. They lack self awareness. They hate successful people. They don't consider the consequences for any of their actions. They love complex carbohydrates, and much, much more.
-Groups full of Dirt Asses: Skinheads, KKK, wiggers, guidos, nascar fans (not all fans), etc...
-Activities Dirt Asses love (not exclusive to Dirt Asses): Snowmobiling, Atv's, hunting, racing, fathering illegitimate children, drug use, listening to Larry the cable guy, etc......
-Famous Dirt Asses: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline, Paul Wall, Eminem, Gretchen Wilson, Larry the cable guy, etc.....
-Dirt Ass sayings: "Get er Done", "you don't know me", "whatever", etc....
-Common Dirt Ass sightings on tv: Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, CMT, MTV, American Idol, Mixed martial arts shows, etc....
-Nice "dirt stache" dirt ass!
-Yeah, smoke in your car with little kids in the backseat, you Dirt Ass!
-Nice camoflage. Hunting season is over Dirt Ass!
-Larry the Cable Guy is not funny, Dirt Ass!
-Quit acting like your a rapper, you wigger Dirt Ass!
-Why don't you use a little more hair gel, you guido Dirt Ass!
-Quit blaming other races because your a moron, you racist Dirt Ass!
by N.Ar. January 15, 2008
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anything lame, unpleasant, faulty or imperfect; could pertain to any person, place or thing.
"I'm not going to dirt ass Port Chester to get brew, man"

-yo did you pork that girl you were with last night dude?
-nah her dirt ass roommate came back before anything happened

"our dirt ass school cant even afford soap for the bathrooms"
by G Schmit January 15, 2008
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Referring to an individual who is a loser or has issues or problems.
That duud is a dirt ass!
by Elcapeton February 05, 2004
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girls who wear flip flops who have dirty ass feet, or girls who look dirty to begin with. or have a dirt stain on your pants.
Damn bitch, you look like a Dirt ass with them jiffy feet !
by zaynamanzayna April 14, 2011
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