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A name given to the residents of the Inland Empire, because of their love for the dirt. They live for the weekends so they can go play in the desert with their dirt bikes. It is easy to spot them, just looks for bro trucks with ATV's and motorcycles in the back, oh and don't forget the toy haulers! LAME!
Person1; "Hey. bro, you wanna go dirt biking this weekend."

person 2; HELL NO! I'm not one of those dirt people. I'm going to go look at art, and read. . .
I have a brain in my head.

person 1; Oh. . . :('

person 2: Yeah. OH.
by Nibznibz January 17, 2009
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A derogatory name for anyone that believes in the myth of Creationism in which Adam was created from dust of the Earth, therefore leading to the rest of humanity.
Can you believe Jim thinks we all came from the dirt of the earth? Frigging Dirt People!
by Crichton1982 May 24, 2011
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