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A group of forest dwelling ugly biker skanks that take advantage of single and married men by baby talk, pig tails, talking outrageously and sexually. They don't care how the get to the woods so they can go "pants down". They don't back off their skankiness when asked. They will promise sexual favors that never are fufilled. They proclaim "pussies rule" to titillate men. The dirrrrty girrrls can't even write full sentences with out using obscure, mysterious abbreviations. They welcome all with open arms and open legs. They will do this for a car ride and a beer.
Man 1- Hey sluts, want beer?

Dirrrrty Girrrrls- Oh yes, we will get drunk because you are the DD (designated driver). We will be cute and funny, then drop our pants for you, but you can't touccchhhh! We don't care if you have a SO as long as we get off.
by Biatchy October 10, 2008
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