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a Dipstud is usually a higher class jock. They are most likely very wealthy, but dumb as shit (dipshit) and are only passing classes by copying off other people. They are, most of the time, extremely good looking, so they get all the girls and are usually dating 2 or 3 at a time (stud). Some would like to think that there is more to Dipstuds than meets the eye, but truthfully all they have is their sports scholarship and years to show how wasted and high they get at parties.
Skye- "Even though he cheats off my tests, ditches me at his football games to hang with other girls, and gets completely wasted at parties, Nate is such a good boyfriend! He even remembers my birthday. Sometimes."

Juliet- "Skye, your boyfriend is a freaking Dipstud."
by Juliet Kelsey Braeburn November 11, 2009
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