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Fraudulent institutions of higher education, sometimes lacking accreditation, which grant diplomas that are either fake or worthless. Historically a they have not been accredited, but with the increase of online schools, most now are accredited and offer a course load so easy, or based on loosely defined "life experience", so as to render their education valueless.

Also known as a Degree Mill
Well known places that are diploma mills include Trinity Southern University, Walden University, Trump University, Wesleyan International University, and Prixo Southern University.
by David McBride March 24, 2008
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1. A company where you can buy a fake degree for a small fee as a fancy way to lie on your resume.

2. A For-Profit University or College that is not accredited and/or recognized that leaves you in a dead end job with student loan debt for the rest of your life.
Me: I bought my degree online off of a diploma mill so I can get a job as a mechanical engineer.
Interviewer: This is not a real college and you just bought that degree off of a diploma mill.

Friend: Is devry a good university?
Me: No, it's a diploma mill. Why not apply for University of North Texas instead.
Friend: Okay
by Andrud January 30, 2019
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