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1 A girl that seems innocent and well, but shags like a minx! Also very eloquent, sly, and will always gets what she wants.

2 A girl that's very talented in singing, acting, and drawing.

3Variant of Dionne. Means "From the sacred spring"
Dude: Man, I met this chick the other night. She's a freak!
Dude2: What's her name?
Dude: It's Dionna.
Dude2: Oh hell yeah, they're always freaks!
by Mr. Amaz!ng February 09, 2009
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{Dionna} They aren’t scared of anything except for demonic things. They will fight if they {have} to. Dionna’s are most likely popular,they are very out going and funny. That’s why people live us!
Girl:Don’t mess with Dionna she might mess you up!

Other Girl:Thanks for the heads up
by Oohchile200 January 28, 2019
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She is cute,bossy and has a big booty
Dude- Hey

Girl- Hey

Dude- I met this girl she’s a cute girl and she got a big but
Girl -She must be a Dionna

Dude- Ohhhh
by ((Mora)) June 01, 2018
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Awesome person and friend... sometime quiet but had a really big heart. they usually have very nice smiles and tend to be freaks in the bed... if u meet a Dionna u better keep her around ! shes not easy to get but worth it
Dude: Hey u kno Dionna

Dude 2: Yeah I tried to hit that but it didnt work
Dude: Yea I tried to.. shes hot shit tho
by Guy23456 February 11, 2010
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