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Diondre is a person who is great in bed and has a huge dick.He also can get any girl he wants. he is a great partier and he can down any drink.
Parker: Damn Look at that dude fuck that chick.
Cameron: He's like Diondre.

Bryce: why is all that beer gone

Parker: Dang he's just like diondre.

Cam: damn that girl is screaming like a pig
Parker: Diondre must be in there
by balls and wiener April 27, 2009
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A Diondre is a person who is really dumb. He acts like he is really smart but he isn't. He usually has a small dick and he has a big head. He acts like he is a strong man but he really weak.
Man 1: Yo did you see Diondre in strength training today.
Man 2: He tried to lift 35 pounds and couldn't.

Man 1: Yeah hes pretty weak.
by DumbAss11111 January 10, 2020
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Diondre is usually annoying Diondre is most likely going to like be gay, he loves to act different around a certain croud. He has a small dick and a big head. If you meet a diondre try not to get attached (it isn't hard to) because he is really fake to the people he spends the most time with. He loves drawing but hates writing (usually cuz he hates his hand writing). But yes as I said do not get attached to any diondre's cuz there quick to turn on you.
Person 1: diondre is cooool
Person 2: idk diondre seem kinda annoying to me
by iGloomzy A Cutie December 26, 2019
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A great person you will want to make him your best friend.He will always help a friend in need and doesn't enjoy hurting others. His feelings can be easily hurt but don't worry he will always accept your apology unless you really screwed up. He has a dark sense of humor and can easily adapt to your sense of humor also.doesn't like to watch others in suffering. He is extremely loyal to his friends and would bend over backwards to cheer you up.
Person1: Diondre' is so nice he gave me his lunch at school.

Person 2:I know right he also tells the funniest dark jokes and -
Person2:oh yeah looks like he adapted to make the 7th graders laugh
by Ree3ee February 15, 2020
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