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While in a long term relationship the boyfriend becomes friendly with the girlfriends parents, upon breakup of the relationship and even stronger bond forms between the boyfriend and the girls father to a degree that the boy moves in with the father and commences a non-sexual relationship where upon the father looks after his daughters ex boyfriend as if he where his own son(the son he never had).

The father provides home cooked meals which are frozen onto a serving dish for the exboyfriend to take to work.
Worker 1: "whats with greg and those frozen meals"

Worker 2: "Greg still lives with his ex girls dad....and he cooks Gregs meals for work"

Worker 1: "what? like a dinner daddy or sumthin?"
by Jakes the snake May 22, 2012
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A guy a girl just uses for a free dinner from online dating services like Tinder or Bumble or OKcupid.
Guy 1: Yo Phil how'd your date go on Friday!
Guy 2: That bitch was looking for a free dinner!
Guy 1: These chicks are just looking for a dinner daddy. Don't be a free rider

Guy 2: Eh fuck it 60 percent of the time, works everytime!
by That Raffy Taffy September 12, 2017
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