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Like popular underwear gnomes, the Dingglevest is a small mythical creature hailing from a variety of mythical places.
Dinggglevest pronounced "Ding-glevest", are small creatures found mostly in otherworldly dimensions such that of the fairies and pixies and gnomes. What is known, is that they come out in the twilight hours and when a person is targeted they shrink themselves into micro forms and penetrating into the "manly base" to steal away the "little soldiers" Usually after this, there is a bad itch for up to two days. First origins are from scandanavia-russia-iceland.
Vlad was itching badly one day so he went to the doctor. The doctor told him " I have good news and bad news"

"You don't seem to have crabs, but I think you may have been visited by a Dingglevest"
by Irish Moho Mojo January 05, 2010
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