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Dimitri Rascalov is the main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto 4, we all love to hate him. Some backstory about him is he is Russian, he betrayed Niko Bellic by making Niko kill Mister Faustin. There is a mission that is the one before the ending or one of the endings. Pegorino tells Niko that he has to do a deal with Dimitri but Phil Bell will be with him. At this point Niko calls Kate and she says to not do the deal while Roman wants you to. If you do the deal you get the money but Dimitri sends a hitman to kill Niko it fails because Niko fights the hitman, the hitman's gun fires into Roman's back killing him. Little Jacob and Niko get in a car and chases Dimitri's goons and when Niko goes to kill Dimitri, Dimitri kills Pegorino and then Niko kills Dimitri on Happiness Island. Then there is the revenge ending where you don't do the deal and Roman tells you that Dimitri is on the boat the Niko came to Liberty City on. Then at Roman's wedding Pegorino shoots Kate, then Roman, Niko, and Little Jacob go to kill Pegorino, Niko kills Pegorino on Happiness Island.
Dimitri Rascalov is the main antagonist
by Publord Corgi July 19, 2018
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