A portmanteau of the term ‘digital-nomad’ used to describe workers with no fixed location who use their freedom to travel the worlds most remote areas that are able to maintain strong internet connections

Favoured for its snappy linguistic structure and reference to the Japanese Digimon trend.
Bro 1: Where do you work, bro?
Diginom: Last week I was in Madeira, now I’m in Cape Town.

Bro 1: Wait, what? But where is your office?
Diginom: Wherever my laptop is bro, I’m a diginom.

Bro 1: Dang! I hate you bro! Do you actually get any work done?
Diginom: Not really. I’m about to get fired.
by Curious Beast March 4, 2023
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Diginomics (n) - "digital economics"; all things gone digital across all cultural, economic and political genres.
The 2009 "Wealth of Networks" Conference at the Imperial College London focused on "Digital Economies and the Next-Generation Internet." One of the conference's workshops was on "Diginomics - The economic impact of being (re)born digital." Chaired by Thierry Rayna, the session addressed the economic impact of digital technologies in our daily lives.
by Mr. Diginomics December 31, 2011
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