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The action of taking a Digimon bath. Being 18649 times more exciting than an actual (and boring) bath, Digibaths are known for killing roughly 13 kids every year. Apparently, having seizures due to over-hyperness in water can kill you. Luckily, only 2% of the people who have seizures in their Digibaths drown.

It's even more exciting if you use your Digivice while in said Digibath. Be carefull no to drop it in the Digiwater...
''Digidude!!! I just got out of my Digibath, and i almost had a Digiseizure!!!!

Professor- ''Digibaths are dangerous, but oh so worth the risk.''

Students taking notes- *scribble*scribble*scribble*
by Digibath inventor December 03, 2009
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