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1. (Seasons 1 - 3 Only) A device in the animé series Digimon that allows the user to digivolve their partner digimon. Some devices have special properties. See below.

2. (Season 4 Only) A device that captures a spirit and allows the user to Spirit evolve into a Digimon.

Season 1 Digivice - Allowed the user to see time and other Digivices in the area. Izzy's could hook up to his laptop for communication with Genni and added features. With the Crests, they helped allow the Digimon to evolve to the ultimate level.

Season 2 Digivice - Paired with the D-Terminal, it captured the Armor Digieggs and allowed the Partners to Armor Digivolve. Also allowed e-mail.

Season 3 Digivice - Allowed the user to see where Digimon were in the area. Also allowed the User to see information on a Digimon (much like a Pokédex) The main ability was that the user could slide Digimon Card games through the built-in reader and power-up their partners.

Season 4 Digivice - Allowed the user to capture Spirits and Spirit Evolve.

In many instances, the user could shoot beams of light to power up objects, like in Digimon Movie Four, never released Stateside.
Tai used his Digivice to evolve Augumon.
by textbacktempo October 09, 2010
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