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Meaning observing an individuals or objects attentively or moderately, paying attention to that individual or object as a figurtive primus (to understand with grand clarity).

Intravert & extravert being opposed have no bounds to this expression of interest (or faith), in indeavers to emphasize color-ful thought, viewful, contrary to opposing pre-conception.

But rather promote inspiration in the arts, and direct the listener to something proper. Rather, clarify, and set straight means, and original definition.
Ay Busta Ryhmes, you should "Digem Mack", that dude got slapperz.

Go do yah thing, keep yah hustle respected, the words of wisdom i dropped, you should "Digem Mack".

Don't you think we should mute those last layers and save em for later, I still "Digem Mack", keep it pimpping.

Ay Doe, give em some "Digem Mack", that's proper.

by Nickelas Brady February 25, 2008
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