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Dierra is a athletic girl who is really the prettiest girl ever people don't understand why she's so beautiful boys would fight over dierra. Dierra is very smart but has trouble with math. Dierra has a perfect body,and the cutest smile ever. Dierra smile can light someone's whole day. A dierra is also very shy but once you get to know her she one of the funest person ever and shes lit af . A lot of girls are jealous of dierra for her beauty,body,personality. Girls would die to be dierra. A dierra gets all the boys but there scared to ask her out because the fear of being rejected. A dierra is one of the prettiest girls ever. A dierra is loyal,kind,sweet, pretty, beautiful. Dierra would also be a great girlfriend. Everywhere dierra goes people break there necks starting at her. Dierra will also get lots of fame and will be very known for sports. A lot of people like and know dierra, everyone loves her and want to be her. Get A dierra!
Have you seen dierra she's literally the prettiest girls ever!! I want to be her so bad all the boys like her!
by C.r.l July 17, 2017
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A girl with a lot of spunk, who is typically known for her smile and is always stirring up trouble. She is well liked among all types of people and is admired for her beauty.
Have you seen that girl Dierra? She is so gorgeous.
by d.j.d. May 30, 2013
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