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dic·tion·oo·gle - Spelled Pronunciation:dik-shuh-ooh-gull
–noun, plural -er·ies.
1. The very first (top) website or link that is displayed on the results page for a single (one) word entry typed into the Google(TM)search box, under default settings, becomes the official Google(TM) community entry as the "Dictionoogle" definition of the word.
2. Creating a commercially competitive market or entity that advocates an economic system in which the means of soliciting bids for the rights to be the first (top) link (website) displayed associated with most common word entries that have the potential of capturing new customers or realizing new market opportunities.
1> YouTube(TM) has been the top Dictionoogle search result for the word "video" displayed on the Google(TM)results page.

2> YouTube(TM) continues to outbid the competition to remain as the definitive Dictionoogle translation of the word "video".
by Brannon Hamlin April 01, 2007
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The lazy person's dictionary.

Used mostly for a spell check, but can also be used to quickly find the meaning of a word by reading the search results page (without all of the hassle of clicking the results)
Example 1:

emberasing, no wait, thats not right.. google ftw, lets just type it in the search bar.. and...

Did you mean: embarrassing

ctrl+C ctrl+v

thanks dictionoogle

Example 2:

wtf does TLDNR mean.. lets just type it in here and see what it says..

Urban Dictionary: tldnrJun 27, 2006 ... tldnr - 1 definition - Too long did not read An acronym used on Internet forums. When someone writes too much in their post, and you simply ... - Cached - Similar

ah i see, thanks dictionoogle!
by Almighty Sandwich September 15, 2009
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