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A man who has the capability of utilizing his penis in an almost magical way.
Trisha - "My boyfriend is such a dickwizard in the bedroom, I call him Gandalf when I orgasm."
Chloe - "Dayum girl that sounds pretty sweet, wish my man could use his 'wand' like that."
by Dingly Dank April 06, 2015
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1. Referring to a man with very small and childlike genitalia. The term was coined to describe a pledge at a fraternity at a Pittsburgh area university. DG

2. A wizard that sucks dick.
"Don't be such a dick wizard!"

Where is dick-WIZAAAARD?!"

syn: baby dick, little meat, ginny, floor 5 little cock, wizard
ant: fat cock, adult meat, big guy, jon bass, da league
by pizza delivery boy November 09, 2010
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One who has (or is believed to have) mystical properties to their genitalia. Most often associated with men and/or transvestites. Homosexuals can often be referred to as such by their own kind or in condescending terms by heterosexuals.
That flaming Queen is a real Dickwizard.
by Collective minds of man December 30, 2008
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