(v)Dicksuckery is the act of sucking up to someone, in such an extreme manner that you are metaphorically, and at most times, literally sucking their dick. People that use dicksuckery on a daily basis, or perform something along the lines of dicksuckery, are often referred to as dick suckers, tools, lames, dickriders, or suck ups.

(n: simple)Dicksuckery is also a noun that accumulates the several different verbs acquainted with dicksuckery such as sucking dick, taking it, or in fact even being a bitch ass.

(n: proper)When someone performs things that fall under the category of dicksuckery, as if it comes naturally to them, they are often reffered to as being born on Planet Dicksuckery, which is also both metaphorical and physical in most cases. Dicksuckery can also, in some cases become a disease when the person has been sucking the dick of something so frequently, that the person is permanently sucking the dick of the said object (Could range from being a person, to a brand of cereal). Side effects are dry mouth, scraped knees, a low self esteem, and sometimes prostitution.
(v) Frequent dicksuckery makes the heart grow colder. and The mouth much dryer.

(n: simple)Look at all this dicksuckery. Too much dicksuckery to finish the job boss.

(n: simple) I went to school for 8 years to get my degree in dicksuckery

(n: proper)Joe frequently has breathing problems due to male extremities being stuck in his throat. Joe must be from Planet Dicksuckery.

(n: proper)Joe has sucked so much of Matt's dick over the years, that a doctor specially trained to deal with Dicksuckery, has diagnosed Joe with a severe case of Dicksuckery.
by SmashNasty November 12, 2010
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