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When someone becomes intensely focused on a male because they're busy daydreaming about their penis and the things they would do to it/them and they cant concentrate on anything else, at all.
When i saw 50 cent i became dickmotized, i couldn't keep my eyes off of him!
by PhoenixRa February 09, 2009
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When a woman puts more value in what a man has to say or his opinion on an issue,than any woman.

Girlfriends,sisters and mothers included.
For years I told my girlfriend she needed to spend more time with her kids,but it didn't register until her newest man said the same thing.

Girl,he told me I need to spend more time with my kids.He's sure a good man isn't he?


"You dickmotized Girlie,I've been telling you the same thing for years.
Guess if I want you to listen I'll grown a penis!
by RastaMermaid1 April 22, 2011
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