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Dickjumper- A female that starts a relationship with one guy , but not for long to see how much she can get out of him.Before proceeding on to the next one.
Man #1 . Yo cuz I heard Jasmine isn't nothing but a dickjumper!

Man #2. Yeah dawg, she blew my bank account up and after I was broke quit me & starting messing around with my uncle!
by 1madddasss2mackxxx August 22, 2016
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A girl who dates alot of guys, and when they break up she finds another boy to talk to the next day.
Damnn...she just broke up with her boyfriend and now shes talking to another guy already?!?!?! What a dick jumper!!
by ilovedickjumpers June 04, 2009
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one who jumps from one 27 year old dick to another.
damn dawg..that Samantha English is a dick jumper

Sho nuff plexin
by Hood Nigguh January 18, 2008
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