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(Note: Has both Noun and Verb forms)

Noun: The subtle art of being a dick. For when a dick move is performed with such a level of care, cunning, and sheer balls that flak for it is unlikely to fall on its perpetrator. A portmanteau of "dick" and "jujitsu". The term was coined by Erica Cantin in's "The 5 Ballsiest Lies Ever Passed Off as Journalism."
Man 1: Wait, so Ben Franklin reported in an issue of Poor Richard's Almanack that his rival — Titan Leeds — had died, and that he had been replaced with an impostor, who was actually just the real Leeds?
Man 2: Yup.
Man 1: ...and when Leeds really did die, Ben congratulated the "impostor" for owning up the the charade by dying?
Man 2: Yup.
Man 1: Wow, that man was like a black-belt dickjitsu master.
by Astrolounge August 27, 2009
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