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The act of intellectually and possibly psychically crushing a person who is so deeply, tragically incorrect about something that it can only be likened to atomizing the guy's dick with your own (larger and certainly superior) penis.
Dude 1: Hey Dude 2! Why don't you drop everything and read this new Twilight book instead of socializing with the guys and otherwise doing awesome things?

Dude 2: You must not have heard what you just said to me right now, because if you had you'd know that you just stuffed your own dick in a blender and asked me to punch the "Ice Crush" button with my johnson. You just committed dickicide, brosef.
by Nasty Lodi October 24, 2012
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Killing oneself due to lack of dick
"She doesn't get any dick at night so she takes her anger out out on me"
"Sge's dickpressed"
"She goes overboard. I swear she gone commit dickicide"
by Ace.of.Ansbach August 30, 2016
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