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Where a man has his underwear right above the dick and the pelvis region is visible.

Coined by Joe Rogan referencing Carrot Top in one of his workout photos.
See that right there where his pants are at the base of his cock? That's dickroot right there.
by Erkadurka January 03, 2018
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The small bulging veins on a man’s stomach that can be seen when he wears low riding pants that say “hey, you’re almost seeing my dick.”
Do you see that guy’s dick roots over there?
by Shaunasweets August 10, 2018
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The base, or root, of the male genitalia. This non-visible portion of the dick runs beneath the balls and forms a strong foundation for the erect dick. It is often neglected during stimulation.
Yo man, Shaquanda gave me the best BJ last night. She sucked me dry, all the way to the Dick Root man.
by ThirdSt May 31, 2009
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