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A derogatory nickname for the fast food mega-corporation McDonald's, the restaurant where you can buy a hamburger that contains more salt than you should consume in a week and enough calories to fuel an entire day. Since millions of people have been waking up to the reality that McDonald's food is not fit for human consumption, the company now thrives off of option-starved nighthawks, creating a near monopoly in the after 10-pm food market. It's primary customers now are evening shift workers (and bartenders as well as other service industry workers), drunks coming from the bars at 2 am (in the drive-through, no less). In other words, people who are so hungry and tired, or drunk and stupid that they are practically forced to consume this edible garbage.
Stoner 1 (out of towner) - Where can we get some food around here after our 4:20 session?

Stoner 2 (local) - 7/11 or DickDonald's. Sucks balls, eh?
by Leroy Brown 420 January 30, 2009
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