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A Dick-Spatula is someone who wallows in there life's misfortunes and stupid choices and uses them as justification for being a self-righteous asshole. They usually glow a gnarly "woah is me" vibe and are terribly selfish and condescending by nature.
Joel: "I was trying to make guitar music with Zach again tonight."

GF: "How'd that go?"

Joel: "Once again he just got drunk to forget about his problems and just played whatever he wanted on guitar, loud and obnoxious, tempo-less, overdriven crap, never listening to me or the other guitar player once."

GF: "Hasn't he been doing that for years?"

Joel: "Yes, yes he has...I'm beginning to think he's a real Dick-Spatula."
by Dasturd August 29, 2012
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