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A game which is somewhat followed along the lines of any other form of 'dibs'. This version of the game has one vital difference: you call dibs on ugly people.

Each player has as many dibs as they so please, and it can be played anywhere, generally in a well-populated urban area. As you and other players walk around any place, the mall is a good example, you purposely look for butt-ugly people. You proudly announce that you've called dibs on said ugly person, and make sure all other players know that you have claimed them.

The game is won on a basis of opinion. Upon leaving whatever establishment you have chosen to place this game, each player then decides who had the ugliest dibs. This gives the winner bragging rights. That's it.

This game is extremely judgemental and should only be played by mean people. It is crucial that if you see anyone who is crippled, retarded, deformed, or handi-capped in any way, you call dibs on them immediately. Typically calling dibs on a member of our retarded community wins you the game, as they can be pretty ugly.

You may also call dibs on other things. Such as ugly families, ugly couples, beer bellies, horrible outfit choices, bad tastes in music, and idiotic/obnoxious people.

If someone calls dibs on an especially deformed couple, and another player finds a family of retards, but not so ugly, this player wins. A full house beats a pair, no matter how ugly.

If you have any morals, it is recommended that you do not play this game. If you find this game mean-spirited, heartless, or cold in any manner, then please call dibs on yourself. Because you win.
"That guy has an big nose. Dibz."

"That old lady looks pathetic. Dibz."

"Good one. Dibz on that couple with a bad sense of fashion. Look at their hair."

"Nice. Dibz on that priest with the lazy eye."

"Dibz on that guy with one arm."

"Dibz on that retard in the wheel chair."

"Dibz on that guy who looks like he has 6th degree burns."

"Dibz on that Leper."

"You win."
by godfire September 15, 2007
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