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Most beautiful girl you will EVER find.Pretty.Fun.Creative.Usually likes dance and maybe cheerleading. She has the perfect body,nicest eyes you will ever find,longest of hair.Boys will be Really blessed to find her. She usually attracts ALOT of boys ugly or nice.When boys know her, they never want to let her go.She has a big butt and is independent. Loves to succeed and is a really good friend to everyone she meets.Diara's are the hardest to find but, if you find one hold her and never let her go.💍
by ✌️D March 23, 2018
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A black chick with enormous boobs and ass but a skinny waist, a perfect body, yet she seems to make it even more perfect by working out constantly/every now and again.
Man Diara's sexy.
Diara has that perfect body proprotion
by Yaaaaahhhh September 12, 2011
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