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Is trustworthy, kind, honest, and loving. He has really nice outfits and enough money to be a sugar daddy in his 20's. He has a resting bitch face that'll intimidate the fuck out of you. Diar is really fucking hot, and he isn't str8, and that's okay. Diar definitely does NOT smoke the doinks with the bros. He probably does bleach his asshole. Definitely has a gold Juul and he's really easy to talk to. He is a true american.
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by god January 10, 2019
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Is a wannabe road man and is soon to be a poor sound cloud rapper. He has really messy hair and look like sideshow bob. He I'll be forever lonely. He should kill himself.
I'm diar. I'm gay.
by Pablo Espinoza July 12, 2017
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