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Diandrea is a very beautiful and very intelligent girl with an amazing body. She is fun to be around and is or will be very successful in life. She can come off as nerdy, mysterious and shy but once you get to know her she is the kindest person you will ever met. She is extremely loyal and against cheating. She locks out everyone that tries to get to know her . She has trust issues and is really insecure. She is not that easy to piss off but if you do she will make your life a living hell. If you are dating her , want to win her back or wants to date her I advise you that you don't piss her off . For example be a good boyfriend to her and she will be a good girlfriend to you but you will have to be patient with her because she has trouble expressing her feelings . She might come off as bossy and mean while dating her she is just testing you and you better not fail that test. She will love you in her heart and she will tell you that she hates you and acts if she hates you. Once you get her to actually express her feelings and show her you are not a waste of time, player and a good person she will begin to love you. She loves romantic guys. People will maybe think that she is perfect and hype that's why most people will hate her because they are jealous of her . She also has a badass side that no one knows about but her because she tries to hide that side of her . She is not the the girl to challenge , try to play or out smart her you will regret it or lose.
Guy 1: Diandrea is so hot . I am in love.
Guy 2: I know right. Good luck trying to win her over.

Guy 3: How is she so perfect?
by Joah Jackson July 16, 2019
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