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(n.)an extremely charming boy with the impressive ability to look sexy in plaid shirts rather than looking like a farmer; having a noticeably boss personality; having the ability to be a stud without even being aware of it; a genuinely great guy who everyone admires; the guy all girls secretly have a crush on, but simultaneously understand that few girls are close to being worthy of him; a sweetheart who can command attention in the most perfectly quirky ways; having a very spontaneous personality enabling him to create a lullaby and sing you to sleep on the spot, a talented dancer to ska music, someone who is easy to fall for and impossible to fall out of love with; a master of playing air guitar to songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
1)That new kid wearing the aviators who moved from Pittsburgh is such a DiBars, I wish I could be his friend.
2)My boyfriend is a conceited asshole. I wish he was more of a DiBars.
3)The guy at the Streetlight Manifesto show was so sexy without knowing it, he's definitely DiBars status.
by Allie Bear January 22, 2009
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