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A very brave warrior. Comes from ancient Indian religion. Always is smart, a little athletic, and very friendly.
Dheeran is a smart boy.
by Bheema15 May 18, 2015
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A once-upon-a-time fat boy who loses 17 kilos in three months. This word originates from an ancient Swahili scripture and is believed to be coined by the famed African tribal leader, Hafsa. Hafsa saw a fellow tribe mate after three whole months and exclaimed, "DHEEEEERAN!!!!" It was a rare sighting to see a fat man in Africa back in Hafsa's time, and not much has changed since then sadly. This is why the word Dheeran isn't used very often.

Saying dheeru peeru is also acceptable.
African Tribe Member 1: Hakuna Matata Kabooli Rakotay?

African Tribe Member 2: Rakotay DHEERAN! DHEEEEEEEEEEERAN!
by kabsa February 08, 2010
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