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Edward Namerdy coined both "Dharmacist" and the definition of the word in February of 1984.
1: A living soul, in flesh or beyond, who dispenses wisdom or high ideals and teachings to help others become Spiritually attuned to One's greater purpose and ultimate destiny.
2: The character, Marcus, a Dharmacist, was first mentioned in the novella;
"Another Place In Space" (a New Age book that takes you on a Spiritual Journey beyond The Physical Dimension...) and later in the sequel "The Source; Finding Your Way Home."
The Description
(Excerpt from the book, "Another Place In Space": Keep in mind that the conversation takes place in the Astral Plane after both characters have Crossed Over, having perished in a fire.)
"Do you remember how, on Earth, they have Pharmacists... so as to help people... when they’re sick... or out of tune with them selves?"
“Yes.” said Marcus, still somewhat disoriented after the transition that had recently taken place. “Yes! I remember… Pharmacists.”
“Well, in this dimension, they have a similar occupation, one that you will eventually become involved with. Quite successfully, I might add!” Christopher stated, in a confident tone of voice.
“What occupation is that?” asked Marcus, curiously. “Not a Pharmacist, Marcus… a ‘Dharmacist’!” he said to his friend.
A “Dharmacist” was a word… a tool… an occupation… that was indeed, entirely new to him.
by edward the dharmacist May 23, 2018
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