A name of somebody independent, Nice,Beautiful. A very masculine name. Commonly confused with the meaning “Dexx”
1:“Hey is that Dexx over there?”
2:”Yeah their so nice!”
by Chaotic.nonbinary December 16, 2021
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sum hot fuckin dude who pulls all the bitches at yo block
Girl 1: damnn i fucked dexx last night his dick was huge
Girl 2: fr? I was at his last week ridin that shit like a pony
by not dexx October 4, 2022
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Dexx is a word used to describe something. It can be used to describe something that is good, bad, insane or it can be used as an insult. It is very addictive to use. Dexx can be changed to dexxed and dexxstion.
Emma: That is so dex (good or bad depending on what it is)
Amy: Taylor your face is dexxed! (insult)
Check this out, it is complete dexxstion. (insane)
by apew August 26, 2010
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