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Dexter School is an all boys school in Brookline MA, running from pre-kindergarten through high school. This superb institution prepares students for a variety of prestigious new england preperatory schools and Ivy league universities. The school implements a coat and tie dress code for all students fifth grade and above, and a collared shirt for those in the lower grades, allowing for students to achieve a sense of style and class. Graduates of Dexter leave the institution with a superior education and the distinct knowledge that they, in fact, are better than you. The Dexter School has rivals such as Fen, Fessenden, and Fay, and Park, but these inferior schools do not hold a candle to the radiant brilliance that is The Dexter School for Boys. Dexter has produced many famous leaders such as John F. Kennedy. A sister school by the name of Southfield resides on the same campus.
Dexter School for Boys in Brookline, MA
by Hunter Treacy October 02, 2006
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