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"Dewlad", sometimes spelled like the name Dewald is a term used to describe a young person, usually an early twenty-something-year-old with a neckbeard who spends all of their time playing games like League of Legends and cowering before all but the most unattractive women. The term originated on the Western Front during WWII, when a young British Expeditionary soldier named Derrick Le Ladde valiantly charged a German machine-gun emplacement and captured all four soldiers single-handedly. In his journal he disclosed that he wasn't scared because the enemy troops weren't women, and that the logic behind his suicidal charge was "How could the Jerries be more scary than an attractive woman?"
"You're such a dewlad, go speak to that girl and stop being such a coward!"
by TADPOOL August 22, 2017
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