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Phenomenal sportsman the greatest, between any of his friends. Respected by many, Even those older than him. A very humble human being and loyal as well. He is a focused and determined young man with the speed of a cheetah and the agility of an impala. He is very short but still able to pull all the ladies, but isn't interested. however deep down he has found love for a girl he has known for years however he doesn't show affection
Mark: i don't think we can win this boys
Steve: With Dewald on the pitch, nothing is impossible
by AliciaBrown109 June 10, 2018
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Well well, Dewald is not only the biggest virgin on the planet ( after isac ), but is also only packing 4 inches, these types of guys are usually found in South Africa, and also like screaming like little girls. However on the other hand, they always somehow manage to get the most beautiful girlfriends, although they struggle to communicate with them.
Oh hi my names Dewald, but you can call me shapwick !
by Itsablackassmotherfucker January 29, 2018
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