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Super fly dude who will always listen to all of your problems. The smartest guy ever and a total skater dude who can really shred. He has a hot toned bod and doesn't even have to workout. Kind of a nerd who looks great in turtlenecks. He will always be there for you. In any situation he has your back. He doesn't care what his friends think about you and he will put up with your annoying friends just so he can spend time with you. He's killer at fortnite. He will always text you back. The best person to watch anime with. Literally the sweetest guy ever.
Girl 1(Lana): Wouldn't Devyon look good in a turtleneck?
Girl 2(Rylee): Yeah, and he's all mine
Girl 1(Lana): Shoot
by thatgirloverthere;))) July 21, 2018
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De'Vyon is the sexiest man alive. He is funny and charismatic and all the girls love him. All the guys want to be him because he's amazing.

Be a De'Vyon.
by Mystic85 December 20, 2016
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