when one developer starts lecturing another developer about menial concepts, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.
Dan devsplained the purpose of load balancing to Matt.
by dmazz55 October 25, 2017
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When a software developer explains why the application (formally known as, 'teh codes') acts in a certain way that is surprising to the non-technical user.

Often the engineer will accidentally come off as arrogant or boorish. This may be to compensate for the fact they are trying to pass off a bug as intended behavior.... or that they are just as confused by this behavior as the end-user.

parallel to mansplaining or mansplain
Kenneth the brogrammer was devsplaining why the calendar picker used EDT vs. EST, even though he really had no idea there was a difference...
by Marojejian August 26, 2015
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Software developers are very smart. They are the smartest people they know. Therefore, they know everything, and they're going to explain it to you.
Unlike me, Chad had never been to France, but he devsplained to me exactly how to order in a French restaurant. I'm so grateful for Chad's insight.
by NotTheDev January 28, 2014
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