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A Goetic square dance in which the participants dance counterclockwise while chanting demonic names pulled from the Lesser Key of Solomon. Two people have sex in the center of the circle and kill each other at the dance's climax. It is generally believed that this ritual is responsible for the rise of Limp Bizkit in the late 90's and the ongoing appeal of the Twilight Saga. It is rumored that if the square dance is successful, an encore may be played with the Devil's golden fiddle, which will appear in the material plane in a puff of acrid smoke.

Alternatively, it refers to a delicious chocolatey snack cake with a creamy center marketed and distributed by Little Debbie. However, the former meaning is more well established.
The Theatre class was forbidden from participating in a play wherein they would perform a Devil Square.
by JackSpratt February 03, 2014
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