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One who loves to have thumbs and other objects put into his buthole and other bodily cavities. One who sleeps while dreaming of other mens body parts in his. Has been known for screaming and moaning in his sleep. Loves to have other warm MALE bodies atop his own and dreams of the day that one man will finally satisfy is ever-loving desire for a warm, throbing, thick, juicy male genitlia to be thrust into his buttox. Great roommate though! Known for being extremely organized and always ontop of his business. But back to the main topic Devan's are also known for loving the same gender whether it is a girl or guy all Devans love the feeling of the same gender on there skin. Have very poor dance skills, one might even say that there dancing compares to that of the organism named shelby. Lastly to conclude todays lesson Devan's are infatuated with the idea of thumbs. Thank you that is all!
"OMG did you hear that Devan Witt last night?!"
"Yea whats worse is he's my roommate!"
"Wow sorry bro!"

"Man I feel like such a Devan Witt looking at that other guys ass"
"Your such a Devan BRO! GET AWAY FROM ME!"
by Best-roomamte-EVER October 24, 2012
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