The act of being so stupid/retarded that it makes one who is retarded a genious.
Jim: "That guy eating dried concrete is detarded."
Joe: "True that."
by Michael Atchison April 13, 2006
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Detarded is a word that means retarded but is okay to say in public.
by Pch20 April 4, 2018
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From The one and only Trailer park boys, When Ricky says to Cory and Trevor that they are fucking DETARDED!!
Trevor and Cory, YOur both fucking detarded
by Old clackahat April 1, 2021
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1. characterized by retardation: a retarded child
2. relatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development
3. A level of intoxication that renders ones speach and motor functions similar to those who are mentally retarded

Kat: I am so retarded right now
Lille: yeah I know I am so the D word
Kat: the D word?
Lille: wait hahaha I mean the R word

Lille is so Detarded that she thinks retarded starts with a D
by katrose January 3, 2008
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Naturally being and saying retarded dumb things and you're name starts with a D makes you DETARDED
Deondra dropped the wrong cable off the tank because he is detarded
by Time2smoke420 October 4, 2017
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It is a higher form of Retard, Its used when someone says or does the absolute, most stupidest thing ever. A dumb retard
Mike: “What do you think will happen if i jump out the 5 story window?”
Mike:*jumps out the fucking window* *nigga breaks both legs*
Karen: “You fucking detarded ass nigga”
by juancena14 November 20, 2019
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