The sign on a public transport vehicle showing its destination and route. Most often used for buses, but also used for trains, trams and ferries. Short for Destination Sign
According to the desto it is going to Parramatta
by sydneygunzel July 12, 2022
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A girl that seems shy when you first meet her, but is actually observant. Once she feels comfortable with you she turns into a crazy, funny and passionate girl. She loves and trusts deeply, but not blindly. She’s a social loner & loves to travel. She’s her worst enemy & critic because she only competes with her self. Love & lust is not enough she is a sapiosexual & thrives off of growth & intelligence . Amazingly beautiful & gifted there’s no end to her ambitions.
Desto is such a loyal soul.
by Bluebuddascotch November 23, 2021
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We traveled multiple places, but NYC was the final desto.
by SlimeSzn February 13, 2022
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