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A 'Destiny Collision' is where two or more people meet after an accident has happened (fender bender) and then begin a friendship or relationship. Relationships can develop from a bad incident. It's a karma thing.
"Did you hear what happened to Chrissie? That guy, Nick, who she had a little fender bender with called her and asked her to coffee! Chrissie kind of likes him, too. If this works out, this is a 'destiny collision' for sure!

"Eric was rushing to get off of the elevator and he rammed into this girl who was waiting to get on the elevator. She lost her balance and fell down. He helped to pick her up and they locked eyes and that was it. They're going out on Friday. That was a 'destiny collision', man.

I got into it with this guy behind me at the DMV today. He was all over me about not standing back so far and to move up in line. Then we started laughing about it. Then we had a little flirt.... Now I know what a 'destiny collision' feels like.
by KarmaKollision September 08, 2011
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