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Derogatory term for a Destiny fanboy. Desticles are unable to see the glaring flaws in the game, and refuse to accept the fact that Destiny was one of the most overhyped, disappointing games of the year. Instead, they continue to play Destiny, unable to see that they are just addicts in denial.
Gamer: "So what did you think of Destiny? I was pretty disappointed with it. The nonexistent story, repetitive missions, and lack of endgame content really hurt this game, in my opinion."

Desticle: "What are you stupid? Who cares about story? It's online anyway! Destiny is the best game ever, I can't stop playing! I need more engrams! Maybe the Cryptarch will be nice to me this time and give me something good!"

Gamer: "Okay. Keep telling yourself that, Desticle. Maybe someday you'll realize that this game is nothing more than an addiction."
by zuawg May 11, 2015
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An office cubicle area that is defined solely by the surface area taken up by a desk.
Go back to your desticle and do some work, jackass.

I hate my desticle. Everyone walks by and cropdusts me.

Can't I get a real cubicle instead of this stupid damned desticle.
by Retardicus Maximus April 14, 2011
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