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n. A male who is selected, before weekend activities begin, to be the booty call for the night. The designated dick is similar to a fuck buddy and friends with benefits but does not necessarily mean that he is either one of those. This predetermined male does not have an obligation to party with or see the female earlier in the day. Designated Dick only means that at the end of the night the male will leave or meet up with the female to participate in sexual activities.
"I need to make sure I have my designated dick situated so I know I'm getting it in this weekend."

"Gotta have my designated dick this weekend to make up for this awful week!"
by HayLove September 17, 2012
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The designated dave/driver is the person assigned to transport a group of drunk friends to and from a party. It's considered a shitty job because:
a) You're sober
b) You have to deal with drunk people while you're sober

'Designated Dick' exists because any Tom, Dick or Harry can be chosen to fulfill the role and being chosen or being 'forced to volunteer' feels like an unwelcomed blap to the forehead.
(Friends sitting in a room together)
Person A: So who's all going to the rave on Friday?

Person B: Me, like fuck!
Person C: Me
Person D: Me, I'm going to get so wasted.
Person E: Me
(Everyone turns to Person E)
Person A: Isn't it your turn to be designated dick?
by Y-Dawg! January 31, 2013
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